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Broke College Student Looking for Anything..... Literally Anything.....

Hi guys,

So I've been into drone racing and freestyle for about 6 months now. Currently I have a 250mm kwad, a Taranis QX7, and a pair of FatShark Teleporter V3's. Unfortunately, because I live on a college campus directly in the city of Pittsburgh, I can't exactly just go thrashing a full size kwad around. I'm looking for a 130mm or right around there size drone to continue flying outside instead of on my sim. If anyone has Anything, motors, ESC's, FC, old camera, vtx, absolutely anything for a small/micro build I would be very appreciative. Thank you everyone and Flite Test for spreading the kwad love.

I have some 1104 motors and escs for a ft gremlin build if your interested. All you would then need is the femto f3 fc and some 2 s batterys pluss usual kwad internals (vtx recever ect.)
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