Broke College Student. Need 4s packs to chase planes.

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Hey guys,

My name is Thomas, and I've been flying FPV for almost a year now. I enjoy the freestyle side of the hobby a lot, but my passion in this hobby is definitely chasing RC planes. You can find it at my channel here:

I have two quads, and they seem to get me by. However, my biggest problem is my batteries. I currently only have four (4s 1300mah) second-hand packs that are beaten badly. They probably have between 60-70 flights on each and only get me around 2.5 minutes of flight time (not at full throttle). I would love to be able to stay in the air around as long as the planes I am chasing (or even 5 minutes), but being a broke college student, I can't afford the larger 4s packs that would allow me to get a longer flight time.

I'm not looking for new batteries (although that would be pretty sweet). I'm just looking for larger 4s packs that could allow me to chase planes for longer without needing to land every 2 minutes to swap out batteries. Anything between 1500-1800 or even 2000 would be greatly appreciated. From what I've been told, my quads don't draw too many amps. I currently run 2205 2300kv motors on both of them with 5x46 DAL cyclones (IDK if that information helps).

Anything would help, as I also am responsible for getting chase footage of my RC club's events. Here's the youtube channel for that:

I love this hobby, and I love the community around it even more.

Thank you
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