1. O

    Help! I need some advice please.

    New RC planes hobbyist here, I bought a few old planes off marketplace for cheap. a Hobbyzone Mini super cub, and a Hobbyzone Super cub. The mini flies great, and so did the bigger one, until the throttle randomly stopped working. I'm assuming it is the esc (tested the motor and battery), which...
  2. flitetest

    Part FT Nano Flerken Printed Parts 1.0

    FT Flerken Printed Parts 3D Modeled By: Dan Sponholz If you're building the FT Flerken from the purchased plans available from the FTCA, you can print these STL files to help you complete your build. Or save even more time and order the speed build kit here: FT Nano Flerken FT Flerken...
  3. flitetest

    Part FT Flerken Printed Parts 1.0

    FT Flerken Printed Parts 3D Modeled By: Dan Sponholz If you're building the FT Flerken from the purchased plans available from the FTCA, you can print these STL files to help you complete your build. Don't have a printer? No Problem. You can order the plywood parts from the Flite Test Store...
  4. H

    Drone parts on fixed wing

    Just wanted some ideas about using drone parts on a fixed wing. Have some old parts that could be used and I’m sure others have done the same. First just starting with a PDB and an ESC without BEC. And then maybe also adding a betaflight f3 board. What are others experience on the matter...
  5. S

    Broke College Student Looking for Anything..... Literally Anything.....

    Hi guys, So I've been into drone racing and freestyle for about 6 months now. Currently I have a 250mm kwad, a Taranis QX7, and a pair of FatShark Teleporter V3's. Unfortunately, because I live on a college campus directly in the city of Pittsburgh, I can't exactly just go thrashing a full...
  6. I

    Help needed to fire up the hobby in Tunisia

    Hey guys, I want to get people in my country hooked up on the hobby. I want to start a club and I have a turnigy 9x and an FPV system, but lack everything else. So any help is really welcome. here is my email if you could help in anyway. Thank you very much :D
  7. T

    Could I get some motors and esc’s to finish a build

    I was wondering if anyone had some old emax red bottoms laying around that I could use (2300kv version). And some emax 30 amp bullet bl-heli esc’s to finish a build (they are the last things I need). I ordered a bundle like this off of gear best and it has been 7 weeks and I’m starting to think...
  8. R


    - OOO
  9. G

    Free Universal Motor Protection Cover [Limited to 1 of each size/ 1 per purchase!]

    -18 size applies to motor 18 series -22 size applies to motor 22 series -4pcs Brand New Motor Protection Cover Mount Want a source for high quality, reliable, and reasonable price parts! Click Here Only for a limited time!
  10. J

    What could I build with these parts?

    I'm interested in trying out some fixed wing flight and i have some extra parts from my 250 Quad build but I'm not sure if these parts are suitable for any of the fixed wing foam board builds highlighted here at flitetest. I'm hoping to only buy some few little bits to be able to build something...
  11. P

    Chosing Parts For My Quadcopter

    So I am fairly New to the R.C Hobby, But I have watched a lot of flight test and season 1 of Maker Hangar by Make. So I know a little bit. I want to make a fairly powerful quadcopter that can lift a GoPro with a Gimble. I want to make it similar to dji in the sense that the extra power gives me...
  12. J

    Looking for parts for High School UAV Club

    First off huge shout out to Julian Waters for all of his help and suggestions for starting a UAV club at my school. Currently we have around 15 members two of which(me and my friend/co-Founder) own RC Aircraft, one versa wing and a custom 250 quad. This, in combination with the simulator that...
  13. A

    Doubts about almost everything

    Hi,:) my name is Adrià Cabeza, I'm from Spain, and probably I'm the newest member of this forum, so I'm a little bit lost. I'm sixteen years old and in Catalonia(where I live) there's a kinda final project for every student that means the 40 % of the final marks so it's very important... and my...
  14. S

    'new' DJI F550 replacement parts

    TL;DR Need to replace a DJI 2212/920Kv motor (and get an extra 1 or 2) as well as get replacement and extra DJI 1038 or 10 x 3.8 props preferably both from a US distributor that has a good reputation ( a few seem to have Customer support issues).the Tx i got with it (a Spektrum Dx8) has a few...
  15. Zaring

    Did I get Duped? I recently started trying to get back into this hobby. I had a couple of RTF's and enjoyed them right up until I crashed them. I got scared of repairing and quit. Everything that I had is gone, so I started from scratch again. I decided that I wanted to build a...
  16. T

    Please review the parts in my cart? Beginner needs help.

    I posted the other day in hopes to get help in making my first RC parts purchase. I've got my cart full of goodies, but I would love to have someone look it over to make sure it will all work together, and to tell me if I need any extra adapters/connectors. Thanks for taking the time to read...
  17. tw-ryder

    On the market for some things, maybe you'd like to assist us?

    Happy Monday! Office life has me down, and I can't stop thinking of flying. So I though I might spend my lunch window-shopping for my RC fix, and put a call out to the FT community to see if you can assist. My fiancée and I are just getting (back) into RC, and have a few models now. Being...