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Brushless for all my new planes

Hello guys,

I recently got a whole collection of planes (and ships and Helis) from a friend who died on cancer, but all planes still have Methanolengines, I like to convert them
but I need help picking the right motor/Props for all my new planes.
2 Supwith Doppeldecker World War 1 Planes, one with 2,5kg the (Camouflageplane) and the other with only 1,8kg, measured both with Servos but without motor and battery, a Carrera Optimus E-Glider with 2,8Metres and 2,2kg (with 3S4000battery and a 200gr motor), Piper 2,1 Meters at 2400 kg dryweight and Fokker E3 with 1kg.
I will most likely use 6S4000mah-6S8000mah for both Doppledecker and the Piper but the Optimus and Fokker gonna fly on 3S.

I am also looking for an Alternative for the Turnigy GliderDrive SK3 Competition Series, that's still as powerfull on 3S but a little bit lighter.

PS: I live in Germany and I would like to buy motors from Hobbyking unless you know a different source for motors.

Thank you




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Those planes are a little outside of the range that I'm usually comfortable with.
I buy most of my stuff from Natterer Modellbau, they've got their own range of RC equipment and motors (torcster) and I've always gotten good quality for the price

Unless you are already familiar with larger planes I would strongly suggest you get your feet wet with a few cheap and cheerful foam planes before you graduate to the big boy.
It would be absolutely heartbreaking to see those destroyed because you can't (yet) control them.

Also get yourself acquainted with the legal side of the Hobby. You need to be insured, either through a club or one of the country wide organisations, like the DMFV or DAEC.

There is also a german subforum on here, maybe you can find some flying buddies or even a mentor there.
Feel free to PM me (auch auf deutsch) if you have any specific questions. I'll do my best to help.
I am in the hobby for 6-7years (began with a Monstertruck in 2012 and foamies from 2013 on) but planes with 1,5kg or less are what I usually fly.

I am insured through the DMO.

Koblenz is not really a hotspot when comes to the RChobby although we have 4-5Clubs but you know as much as I do that thingsare going down, a lot of members died in our club and there are no to very little young beginner in sight.