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Build: Experimental Airlines inspired Photon


New member
First, a Thanks to Ed for his great videos on scratch building with foam board.

A little about me:
This is my second airplane to build.
My first airplane was a power glider. On its maiden flight.. I crashed into a cow, neither plane, nor cow were seriously injured. It would have flown again, had my mother not put her new dog in the garage with my wooden.. chew toy.

To keep in the spirit of "Experimental Airlines" I'm experimenting with the design. (I know I shouldn't at this stage of flying, but I cant stop the creative side of me)

The wing cord is 9" instead of 5", the fuselage is two pieces, a 3", and a 2.5" that slides inside of the 3". The tail will be attached to the 2.5" section. The goal of this is to make it easier to balance the aircraft with different payloads (when I get FPV gear).

The goal is to make a very slow flyer with room and wing to carry more weight later on.

So far I have the two wing halves made and the fuselage tubes made.
20140718_213549.jpg 20140718_213651.jpg

With the larger wing, there is not enough board left to make attached ailerons. They will be made soon, and attached.
I'm debating putting on flaps, I'm sure I will have to program the radio for spoilers though.
Looks like its coming along nicely. I would go for the flaps.

You should try building Ed's Nube Tube as well. I'm building my fourth it flies so well, his builds are a real inspiration.