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Building a Fleet

Well I started with a simple scout... and then started scratchbuiling a few Tiny Trainers (what a great design). I figure to crash a few so thought it would be helpful to at least have a spare... learned to be carful with a glue gun after I burned myself good. Haven’t no to put the brakes on though

Servo’s, a few receivers and a servo balancer on the way somewhere... (folks at Canada Post did rotating strikes and while they got legislated back...alll those things in the mail .... real crap shoot as to when it gets delivered though or put off to the side to wait... such as my stuff. Mean time the fleet grows....maybe time to convert to gliders.


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Yep winter is building season for me also, I’ll build 3-4 each of my favorite plane. So when I crash there is one waiting on the bench to accept the electronics.
Winter is definitely build time. Oddly enough I haven't built spares of anything I have built so far. Guess I'm living on the edge! :eek: I think my mentality is repair it if it's doable and if it's a total loss move on to a different plane (I do keep building different planes).