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Building a hexacopter


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I am new to rc and I want to build a really good hexacopter. The only problem is that when I went to the hobby store for some answers I only ended up with more questions. I was wondering if there was a resource that showed all that is needed to make a multirotor. I want to use ardupilot and I want to put an fpv unit on it. I also want enough lift to carry a gopro. Could someone direct me to a webpage that is like that or tell me what I need? Thanks.


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Building a multi-rotor from scratch is pretty complex. You need to select a lot of parts, ensure they are suitable for your needs and compatible with each other, and put it together properly to ensure that it flies well. Part selection in particular can be quite complicated.

I posted a 5-part tutorial on multi-rotors on the HobbyKing forum to help people get started. You can find it here:http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=38561&PID=220351#220351

It think it's a decent starting point for de-mystefying the whole process, and how things work. It's aimed at a quadcopter, but the basic principles are extremely similar. If it would be helpful, I'd be happy to update and re-post it on the Flite Test forum for further development and critique.
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