Building Simple Scout - verifying hardware


Hi guys.

I'm new here, was getting into hobby when I was younger around 12years old. Until my brother stepped on my balsa wing and broke it. never touched an rc plane for 20 years.

Then my wife got me a drone for Christmas and then I found flite test and I was hooked again.

I love building things, I build homes, furniture, musical instruments like electric guitars ukuleles cajuns thumb pianos so building planes was natural to me. the electronics not so much lol.

I started my own design and then decided to build a few FT planes. first the mini sportster. but realised I wont fly it soon since I'm a beginner pilot. so I settled on the simple scout.

I ordered the following. will this work? I used the online calculator and seems ok. any comment?

2212 820kv brushless motor
8x6 props
30a ESC
1500 mah battery

looking for slow fly park style to begin my entry to this hobby again.

is this a good start?


Biplane Guy
I would consider just grabbing the power pack B from the FT store. The Scout is based off of that equipment and it's all pretty good stuff. What you have listed looks like it might be more power than the Scout needs, and you really don't need that much power for it.

Welcome to the family! Hope you find what you're looking for, and if you need any help don't be afraid to ask.


hey , thanks for the quick reply.

so after looking they seem similar

the motor seems right but my esc and props are off.

I HAVE 2212 820KV
  • (1) Motor - EMAX 2213-935

  • (1) ESC - EMax BLHeli 20A (XT60 connector)
  • (2) Propellers (9x4.5 Slow Fly and 10x4.5 Slow Fly)

so what your saying is buy a 20a esc and get a 9x4.5 slow prop and I should be fine?

I live in Canada so paying FT power pack is not worth it to me. I rather buy from overseas or local hobby store ... damn canadian dollar!


Biplane Guy
Ah, I see. You should be able to get away with that power setup. Run a 9x4.5 and that 30a and you shouldn't have any issues. Over amp ESCs aren't a problem unless it's too heavy for the design (it won't be in this case). You should have a great time with the Scout. It's a fantastic first fix wing.