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OK like the title, this is a thread to post your building tips.

I will start. I bought an 8 foot 2x4. I cut it in various lengths to use as a square. One is 4 foot, one 2 foot, and 2 each 1 foot long. Cut one rounded edge off the pieces with a table saw and make sure the cut edge is square. If you don't have a Table saw, check with your friends. Wrap that edge in packing tape so hot glue doesn't stick to it.
These are useful for
  1. Use as a square making square fuselage and power pods etc.
  2. Press down evenly when gluing wing sections.
  3. Balancing your plane.

I will post more later.


OK; Next tip; Get a Hangar 9 Heat Sealing Iron! Set the temperature to about 3/4 heat. DO NOT USE A NORMAL IRON! AND IF YOU DO NEVER USE IT FOR ANYTHING ELSE! The foam will get on the iron and make a mess!

  1. Seal foam edges to prevent de-laminating the paper.
  2. Seal foam at about 45° top & bottom to strengthen edges. This makes them MUCH more resistant to any impact damage.
  3. Seal any control surface bevels at about 30°.


Glue Spreader hot glue tool. When spreading hot glue on raw foam edges, run this notched glue spreader along the edge to remove excess glue. These can be had either at Woodcraft or Amazon. Cut a notch in the spreader to clean up glue. Hot glue is easily removed from the plastic spreader. These will keep you from the "OUCH THAT'S HOT!" when pressing down paper using hot glue.


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Today's building tip:
These two stick cutters are my most used cutting tools.

This one is for cutting slots in FB to make right angle edge folds in fuselages and etc. Place a metal straight edge along the slot and make BOTH perfect cuts at one time! This just makes guide cuts that meed to be finished with a blunted score cutter. Hmmmm. I may make a true double score blunted cutter from 9mm snap off blade. Stay tuned!

Double Slicce.jpg

This one is for removing FB edges to go around curves and joining two sheets at right angles. the two cutters go together.

Edge Score.jpg