Featherboard For Your Table Saw


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If you need to cut one of the 20”x30” sheets of foam board, a sharp knife and metal yardstick will work. But if you’re looking for a square edge, that may not be the best solution. And pushing a piece that large through a hobby table saw can be a problem. You need both hands to hold the foam board and guide it through the cut, but the foam board may have a tendency to walk over the blade and not get cut.

So how do you keep the piece in contact with the blade. Enter the featherboard. It clamps to your table saw fence and is adjusted to hold pressure against the piece so that it stays in contact with the blade. I have the MicroLux® Mini Tilt Arbor Table Saw and featherboards from MicroMark small tools, but there are other similar products available elsewhere. More tips and resources for foam board RC modelers on my blog at: https://foamboardflyers.com


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