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Building with my eyes closed.

Plan this, measure that, cut strait, bla bla bla!
I felt the need to build a biplane the other day, but wanted it NOW! And didn’t want to plan it out for days. So I grabbed some blue core, and started cutting. When it was said and done I ended up with this.

I put an 1800kv 3536 motor in it, and an 80amp ESC. Tossed on a prop that looked right, and painted it just enough to look different on top than from the bottom.

Then it was off to the field! I was first greeted with laughter and playful jeering. (this isn’t the first bashed together Frankenstein plane I’ve brought out there.) The moment of truth came quick; I throttled up and rolled out, as I picked up speed the tail came up, then as I started running out of runway, I grit my teeth and pulled back….

The flight was anticlimactic and I was beaming with pride as I landed. When I brought it back to the pits I was greeted with nothing but positive comments and back patting.
Anyone else enjoy building a plane with no plans?

Foam Addict

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I followed your RC groups thread, and I must say very nice!
It really looks great with paint on it.

To answer your question, until the FT Spitfire, All of mine.:p


I typically draw the plans on the foam board as I go. I start with a rough sketch and dimensions, draw and cut. If I peel the paper off of the foam, I'm left with templates for parts or additional planes. I've never built the same plane twice, though.
The last flight of this plane last year ended with the motor shaking loose while trying to taxi it in after a flight. The big 10" prop made short work of the nose and the motor wires ripped loose from the motor.
I tossed it in the garage and didn't give it another thought till just now.
I rebuilt the nose, changed the shape, then added some "BLING" with metal duct tape.(it needed a bit more nose weight.)
I also put a torquier motor in it, a bigger prop, and a bigger battery. I'll remaiden her in the morning.
I only just started scratch building, and even tho I know I should start with some plans, for some reason I want to go blind as well.
my 1st delta failed. 2nd delta did fly, but my flight skills proved to be a bit rusty.
build a slow stick and went to fly it last night. way tail heavy, landing gear sucked, prop might have been a bit small as well.
Have modded the slow stick and im hoping tonight that it will fly.

building a plane from plans is rewarding....but not as rewarding I think, as a plane you came up with all on your own taking into the air.

once my building skills are better the 2 types of planes I want to make most is a biplane and a twin boom/engine plane.
I totally agree Ghost. I am working on my second design right now, and I think it's right up your ally!

It's going to be a twin engine super heavy bomber. It will be "FPV ready" with a flush mount for the camera in the nose. It's about 80" tip to tip, and it will be 3D capable too, lol.

Ron B

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Way to go man
Yrs. ago I did a couple and had just fair success and I am just about done with what started out as the smash drone but had to do a number of mods to it. I still have to get 2 servos and push rods to complete it. You have done a few full scratch jobs so you are probably more used to it than I am. It has taken me a lot longer to build this one than it took to build both of the previous planes from plans. I am working with $tree foam.