Help! Burned Up a "Radial" 2205 2300kV


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Does anyone know where all the spec's might be for the new motors. I put one of the new 2205's on the back of a wing, I had just gone vertical when there was a trail of smoke. It really looked cool in the AZ morning, deep blue sky. Landed all ok - but I guess I need to limit the current :)

Bob Ross


6 inch prop probably would have been fine on 3S, but I guess on 4S it lets the magic smoke out. I would think a 5 inch prop on a 2205 should be fine on 4S. Best insurance though, would be to invest in a watt meter, and do some static pulls, and get some real numbers. I have a “Watts Up” meter. I think it was like 30$ on Amazon. I luv it, ands it’s paid for itself by a drastically reducing my magic smoke emissions.