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bush plane

  1. Taildragger

    Bush Plane Build Challenge 2- Star Spangled Kitfox by Taildragger

    Well, I made a new thread! to catch up thus far: I had an idea: Which evolved to me learning how to use cad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kgnqf9xlHg And that is all to date! Playlist for most recent activity...
  2. IMG_1549A.jpg


    FT Bushwacker
  3. Dr. Looping Looie

    Let's design the next generation bushplane!

    Now Im almost done with all my little projects, its finally time to start something serious. Since elementary school, I dreamed about an aircraft that could really land anywhere. And by anywhere I also mean on water or snow, so it should be amphibian. The other goal is that it should deliver...
  4. EraJomppa

    Hopping on the bush plane bandwagon

    I got myself a rare free weekend and even though I have couple of other RC projects in progress, I decided to make myself a bush-type plane from some spare parts I had laying around. Here is the result: Specs for those that are interested: Weight: 300 grams span: 900 mm length: 700 mm...