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  1. Taildragger

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by Taildragger

    Build-ruary Build Log by Taildragger Table of contents: Piper PA-16 Kitfox STi (FireFox) Magnus FusionUL Rans S-7 Trainer
  2. Taildragger

    Plane Double Ender - STOL Redefined PROTOTYPE 1.0

    Basic plan for now... more to add later Thanks to @SP0NZ for the plan format currently page 1 is a little bigger than 1 sheet of foamboard For the landing gear, watch the FT simple cub build video For the wheels, watch the FT bushwacker build video For anything else, PM me. Specs: 40in...
  3. AgentC

    Bush Plane Challenge III - The Timber Scout

    Starting a thread for my build for the challenge. I started with a FT Commuter that I tried to adapt, but benched that for the time being and went with a new design I'm creating called the Timber Scout. As the name suggests, it's a mashup of the UMX Turbo Timber and the FT Mini Scout. The idea...
  4. Ligbaer

    Steve Henry YEE HAW highlander

    I am building a highlander for this challenge my plans for the build are the followings 1) paint it like steve Henry’s highlander cause @Taildragger suggested it and I like the suggestion 2) THICC control surfaces cause why not 3) win the challenge; I like Winning because winning is cool 😎 (I...
  5. zdsweet

    Tailwheel Bush Conversion - E-Flite Carbon Z T-28 2.0m

    We had some fun last week converting an E-Flite Carbon Z T-28 into a tailwheel configuration with tundra tires and leading-edge slats. 😁 This was an incredibly fun project for us to take on. There is some more fine tuning that we need to do with the conversion but that's where all the fun is...
  6. zdsweet

    Taking Our Plane for a Walk - Scratch Built STOL Project

    I'll let the video do the bulk of the talking - but here's our take on proof that you don't have to build something aesthetically pleasing or even perfect to an aero engineer's standards to get it to fly well. 😁 In this case, we built a crazy light STOL plane and went and walked it on a...
  7. Taildragger

    Scale Backcountry - Big Tire - STOL Planes Thread, Scale ONLY please :)

    New place for me to post my Scale Backcountry Adventure videos, and to post new builds, tips for scale BACKCOUNTRY accessories and cool aircraft. In the title I said "Scale only please" because I'm really picky and planes in this thread will need to be based off a full-size plane, not just a...
  8. Taildragger

    Taildragger- Design and Plan index

    Free Plans: 1. Mighty Mini Kitfox- STi and Speedster 2. Foamboard Hobbyzone Super Cub LP 3. Zenith STOL CH701 4. Air tractor chuck glider Only Me: 1. MS Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser 2. Micro Citabria 3. Mini Cessna 185 (free plans may be possible)
  9. Taildragger

    Bush Plane Build Challenge 2- Star Spangled Kitfox by Taildragger

    Well, I made a new thread! to catch up thus far: I had an idea: Which evolved to me learning how to use cad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Kgnqf9xlHg And that is all to date! Playlist for most recent activity...
  10. IMG_1549A.jpg


    FT Bushwacker
  11. Dr. Looping Looie

    Let's design the next generation bushplane!

    Now Im almost done with all my little projects, its finally time to start something serious. Since elementary school, I dreamed about an aircraft that could really land anywhere. And by anywhere I also mean on water or snow, so it should be amphibian. The other goal is that it should deliver...
  12. EraJomppa

    Hopping on the bush plane bandwagon

    I got myself a rare free weekend and even though I have couple of other RC projects in progress, I decided to make myself a bush-type plane from some spare parts I had laying around. Here is the result: Specs for those that are interested: Weight: 300 grams span: 900 mm length: 700 mm...