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Buying a used go pro

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I've been thinking about getting a go pro for a while now but not sure I want to spend the kind of money a new one costs before I'm even sure if I like it. I see quite a few on craigslist now but I don't know much about them. What are the benefits of the different models and are the old ones still good or are the new ones so much better I shouldn't even think about the old ones?

There's a few go pro hd's for a good price with accessories so that's the way I've been leaning right now.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
If you want good quality video from an aerial platform, the gopro is the best camera for the job. If you want it for general purpose video work, you're likely to be disappointed.

Stick with the GoPro HD. The original GoPro isn't HD, so you won't be happy with the quality. I don't know that I've ever heard that the GoPro2 has any advances that make it worth buying. I have the HD, and love it. I will be buying the 3rd version soon.

Just make sure you try it. Considering we're using these as abusable cameras I would be careful about any camera available used.


Ak to answer your question yes the new ones are so much better then the original. Its night and day really, my son is the GoPro freak in the house and he wont even touch his older HD model unless he forgot to charge his new one and cant wait. Such was the case when the two of us made our maiden flights with the Old Fogey. I wish it was shot with the new one, but it wasnt charged! If your thinking strictly FPV or flight videos I'd look at all the other options out there before tossing your money at a used GoPro.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Well I also ride atv's in the mud and run airboats and things. I'd really like the Go Pro format, just trying to decide which. I just got a hint that I might be getting a brand new one for an early birthday present, now I need to figure out which of the Go Pro 3's I need.