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BV141b anybody game?

I know that this plane has already been RC modeled but after seeing the video of the two monster sized planes I wonder if anyone is wanting to try to build this WW2 German observation plane. it is a good flying RC model and in the 100" range it should be a very good flyer if the video is any indicator.

I am putting out the question since I am in my middle 70s and my building skills are getting more lacking as time goes by but at least the flying is still there and the desire to fly weird is still there as well.

If somebody builds one please document it all you can and thanks to the Flitetest World.
I just happened on the video for the 141 here on FT but if it was so tedious to make it a round fuse why not SORTA SCALE build with rectangular fuse with rounded top and the pod is just walls with no windows.
Oh well just a bucket list item


Junior Member
Built one years ago for RC combat. 1/12th scale with a 10% allowance so about a 60"wingspan. OS .25fx engine. Elevator.Aileron.Engine. Solid foam construction with several 1/8" fiberglass rods for stiffness, a little coroplast on the front of the fuselage and covered with Econocoat Flew fabulous and right off the board with the scale fuse/passenger compartment spacing. RC combat left my area so added landing gear and it still flew great. Still in the workshop but I can't find a picture.