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Can someone recommend an FPV RX/TX pair?

I want to build my first FPV setup and am looking for a recommendation for a RX/TX combo that does the following:

Can be attached to a GoPro HD Hero 2 (that I already have) as the camera.
Can be used with a plane with a 2.4ghz radio in it.
Has a 1000 yard range with a clear line of site to the plane.
Costs around (or under) $100.

I'd be perfectly willing to buy one of the hobby king ones, but there are so many choices, I don't know what to get.

Thanks for your help.


Rotor Riot!
Where are you located? If you are in the USA, you can safely use the 5.8GHz 200mW pair. It's like $70 from HobbyKing, and if you make cloverleaf and skewplanar antennas for it, you can get about 1000 yards LOS.


Site Moderator
I'm in agreement with Colorex, the 5.8 seems to work exceptionally well with the cloverleaf and skewplanar. My channel link below has bucket loads of information on what I've been using, plus the progression we've been going through and if you look in the articles section of this site there are also lots of how to videos and tutorials.

Good Luck its a lot of fun :)