Cardboard ft tiny trainer


Hey guys I'm new in the hobby and I made this cardboard tiny trainer for myself out of IKEA cardboard which is very good and I modified the design like using 9 gram servos for the tail and placing them in the back

And as I felt that rubberbands won't be sufficient for keeping the wing sturdy I placed 2 big fat cardboard chunks and glued them underneath

Now the wing is glued I added a 2200 kv motor and a 6035 prop and a 1500 Mah lipo 3 cell the c.g is about 3 .5 cm from the front end of the wing.
I know I scratch builded it changed the design a bit but still it flies great just as much as the original fttrainer made out of foam.
It's pretty dope and it's fast. Last week I took it for a maiden and it flies great I even did a loop.
At last my point is cardboard flies just as much as foam I even made a ft edge but it needs a bigger prop and motor which I bought from banggood which should arrive shortly

Guys please help me for getting better in this hobby.
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Good look planes.
I built a lot of cardboard planes, back in the glow fuel days.