Carl Goldberg Wild Stick 120 restoration project

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So I recently acquired this Carl Goldberg Wild Stick 120 (along with a few other planes). Pretty excited about it as I've been on a quest to add some more balsa planes to my collection. I was able to find the original manual to the plane and it appears to have come out around then mid 2000's. The plane is powered by a glow engine...and will be the first glow engine I have messed with in 25 years (and even back then I barely messed with it). Glow engine appears to be a Supertigre 20 made in China...20cc. The thing throws a huge prop which I haven't measured yet...guessing maybe a 16" or so.

From what I can tell, the plane appears to be in pretty good condition.

Structure seems solid.

Covering...I have noticed one small tear which I don't think will be a big deal to fix. Also noticed a few top pieces of colored covering have peeled...the bottom white covering is still in place. I don't really have plans to recover the whole thing, but maybe patch a little.

Engine was a little gummed up...we were able to free it with just a little bit of pressure. Outside looks pretty nasty and the needle valve seems stuck (just trying to use my fingers to turn it). I'm unsure of the proper name but there was also a built in glow igniter on this plane...basically a battery with wires running to the glow plug to keep it lit the whole time while running. I am kinda 50/50 on whether I will keep it.

At this time, servos have not been tested.

Also, this Stick has flaps.

I'll continue posting updates as I mess around with the plane. Here's some pics...

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Original price he had on the plane

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Hey wait a minute I know that engine from somewhere😅 i’ve got the same one on my super sportster


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