CCW or CW propeller?

Kent Fonager

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I’ve built my first electric rc plane. The plane is recommended to fly with CCW propellers. But I’m only been able to buy propellers in pairs, so now I have a lot of spare CW propellers.

But can’t I simple make the motor spin CW and the use these propellers or have I missed anything?

I have NOT adjusted the motor placement as suggested with a couple of degrees.

Looking forward to your answers and thanks in advance.

Cheers from sunny denmark,


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Yes you can do that. However, it makes the prop nut prone to loosening during flite. You could also make some pushers to use the CW props and keep the motor turning CCW. There are motors available with reverse threads on the prop shaft. I'm thinking, not 100% sure that using a compression prop adapter on a non threaded motor shaft might lessen the chance of a CW turning motor from loosening the prop.
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If you use a second nut tightened against the first nut, aka called a check nut, it prevents loosening of the first one. You can even buy 1/2 strength nuts that are 1/2 thickness, or make one by cutting a standard nut in half through the thickness.

However, proper torque tends to prevent loosening in the first place


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Short answer, yes.

Make sure prop is tight. nylock nuts help too (or double nut) but not 100 necessary.

Some planes may handle a little different but you said you really didnt do any angles on the motor so probably wont be too noticeable.

Also +1 for making a pusher style bird to use up some of the props. Thats a fun idea. More planes is always better! Lol


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You can also get a second motor and build a twin. That way you have CCW & CW working together to fly your plane.