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Censored word "of the day"


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
While trying to figure out some admin featured for the website, I stumbled upon the censor option.

We here at the Flite Test Forum are not normally of the censorship mind set. We're (mostly) adults here, and we can behave as such, without resorting to curbing your language with programming.

So, I thought it would be a shame to let such a feature go to waste, and decided to make a game of it.

So, lets see who can find the censored word of the day (week, or whenever I get around to updating it.)

For example, I put the my wife in the list of censored words, and so it shouldn't show up if I was to type her name here...


That's not the word you're looking for though.

There are a few rules as to which words I'll pick, and here they are.

1) I will not be using obscenities.

2) The word is one that would commonly come up in a normal conversation on this forum.

3) It can be names of people on the show, or even frequent posters on the forum.

4) The word will be changed once someone has posted that they found it in this thread. (or whenever I get around to it)

There is no prize (at this time) for being the "winner" other than the pride that you found the word.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
See how fun it is? :D

Now you just have to find the contest word...

I noticed it works on previous posts. So if the word has been used in the past, and you open that post, it will be censored as well.
beast fowlflyer angry swordsman mac hodges avatar gunship airfoils cool ghoul rudders flying cinder block frankenplane
Hmm, none of those worked
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