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Pumpkin drop event

Century Bell 47D-1 MASH Conversion

Over the past few months, I have been working on refurbishing a Century Bell 47 and converting it to an early 47D-1. Finding the model for sale was difficult, but I finally found one for sale in France. Unfortunately, thanks to the post office, it didn’t make it to the USA in one piece:

I spent quite a while rebuilding the airframe, stripped out all of the G model components, repainted it, and added a 3D printed D model fuel tank. Also added some stretchers and vacuformed some stretcher canopies. Still has a bit of work to go, but I thought I’d share a few photos from flying it this weekend:

Next up will be adding a D model instrument panel, a pilot from realmodelpilots, and possibly converting to a more scale rotor head.
Another nice heli for your collection DD.

Ill pm you my address for when you run outta room and want / need to thin the herd.:p
Was just thinking... mark this up as belonging to the 4077 mash unit and then someone else could build a foamboard 5 o'clock Charlie plane to go with it.:unsure:
Actually, I modeled the aircraft after the real bird used in filming the MASH intro. I got to see the real "show star" machine at Oshkosh this year and took quite a few photos. Surprisingly, it doesn't actually say "4077th" anywhere, but I can guarantee that is is!!