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I have two ISDT q6 chargers off of a honkin' big 24v power supply. I decided to get two so I can charge 2s and 3s batteries (or 4s and 3s) at the same time. If I were buying again today, I might get this one - http://hobbycool.com/hobbymate-300w-15a-pocket-charger-cell-checker-servo-tester/ - There's currently a coupon to save 10% from list price, use code: D6E10OFF. Josh Bardwell did a review on them

If you don't have a 12 or 24v power supply, you'd need one to make the above work. You could also consider something like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DR8HW19/?tag=lstir-20, but that's a pretty large price jump.

My first charger was a accucell s60, and it was pretty OK when I was charging smaller batteries, but it just couldn't parallel charge my bigger batteries fast enough, which is why I upgraded to the ISDT q6 units. LInk to the S60 - https://hobbyking.com/en_us/accuell-s60-ac-charger-us-plug.html


Knower of useless information
I like the HiTec RDX. It’s the first charger I got, and it’ll do 1s all the way up to 6S. I’ve only charged 1 battery at a time on it for safety, unless you count the multi board I have for 1s batteries for my TinyWhoop.

It works GREAT, runs off of AC and DC (which is important; our field has solar chargers and we can charge straight off of those in DC, and don’t have to use a car battery or a generator), and it’s small enough that I can throw it in my backpack or an ammo box that I use for tools. I want to say it’s about the size of a thick Tom Clancy Novel.

I paid $60 for it, but it does my 3S and 4S batteries, no problem. Some people here don’t like HiTec because they’re not cheap, but if it’s quality and it does everything I want and more, all in one package, and I don’t need a separate power supply, I’d say I’m good. 😁

And really, it comes down to what works best for you. I love that Venom Pro Duo, but it’s a little bigger than I want and it’s a little bit more than I want to spend. Does that mean it’s bad? Heck no! It’s a great charger! It’s more than I can justify. I’d rather spend the money on a few extra batteries and charge them the night before or as soon as I get to the field. 😁