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We've been getting more and more chat bot posts and responses on the forum and I guess I just don't get why someone would go to the trouble. So I thought I'd ask.
Me to ChatGTP -
"Please explain why someone would use chatgpt to post on the flite test forum"

ChatGTP -
"Using ChatGPT (or any conversational AI model like GPT-3.5) to post on the Flite Test forum could offer several advantages:
  1. Assistance with complex topics: RC aircraft and related hobbies can involve intricate technical details, building techniques, and specific terminology. ChatGPT can help users who are relatively new to the hobby or have questions about more advanced concepts by providing clear explanations and answering specific queries.
  2. 24/7 Availability: ChatGPT can be accessed anytime, day or night, providing users with the ability to get quick responses even when other forum members may not be active.
  3. Instant feedback and brainstorming: ChatGPT can be utilized to bounce ideas off when designing new aircraft or modifying existing ones. It can provide suggestions, improvements, and different perspectives to enhance creativity.
  4. Research and information gathering: ChatGPT can be employed to find relevant information from external sources or previous forum discussions, thus assisting users in quickly locating answers to frequently asked questions or accessing valuable resources.
  5. Multilingual support: GPT-3.5 can understand and generate content in multiple languages, making it a valuable tool for users who may not be fluent in English but still wish to participate in the Flite Test forum.
It's important to note that while ChatGPT can be a useful tool for generating content, it's always essential to verify the accuracy of the information it provides, especially for technical or safety-related matters. Additionally, using AI-generated content on forums should be done transparently, and users should disclose if the content was generated with the help of AI."

I guess I still don't get it.


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What could go wrong?
Let's find out-
Me to chatgtp "If I asked you to design an rc airplane what could go wrong?"
"Designing a radio-controlled plane can be an exciting project, but there are several factors that could go wrong during the process. Here are some potential challenges and issues I might encounter:

  1. Stability and Control: Ensuring the plane's stability and control is crucial. If the design lacks proper stability, the plane could be difficult to fly or might crash easily.
  2. Weight and Balance: Achieving the right weight and balance is essential for flight performance. If the plane is too heavy or imbalanced, it may not be able to fly properly or may become uncontrollable.
  3. Power System: Selecting the appropriate motor, battery, and propeller is crucial. An inadequate power system might lead to weak performance or limited flight time.
  4. Aerodynamics: Designing the plane with the correct wing shape, airfoil, and overall aerodynamics is critical. Poor aerodynamics can lead to inefficient flight and instability.
  5. Electronics and Radio Control: Choosing reliable and compatible radio control components is vital. Malfunctioning electronics or interference issues could cause loss of control during flight.
  6. Build Quality: Proper construction and assembly are necessary for the plane's structural integrity. Weak joints or poor craftsmanship could result in the plane breaking apart in mid-air.
  7. Flight Testing: Thoroughly testing the plane before the actual flight is essential to identify potential issues and make necessary adjustments. Skipping proper testing might lead to unexpected failures during flight.
  8. Regulations and Safety: Ignoring local regulations or safety guidelines can lead to legal issues or accidents, especially if the plane is flown in restricted areas or without appropriate safety precautions.
  9. Environmental Factors: Wind and weather conditions can significantly impact flight performance. Ignoring environmental factors might lead to unpredictable behavior during flight.
  10. Battery and Charging Safety: Mishandling LiPo batteries, which are commonly used in RC planes, can lead to fires or explosions if not treated properly.
To mitigate potential issues, it's advisable to thoroughly research, plan, and seek advice from experienced RC plane enthusiasts or experts. Starting with a proven design or using pre-made kits can also reduce the likelihood of encountering some of these challenges. Remember that safety should always be a top priority, and flying an RC plane should be done responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations."

Thank you, Mister Obvious!


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That chatbot sounds like my wife. Hmm she WAS on her tablet a lot yesterday......

Otoh, it must not have access or be aware of ALL the research and data regarding flight. Cg calcs are ridiculously easy when you use the airfoil ordinates: in front of high point or center of mass


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Been married almost 50 years. Really hard to suprise her anymore with anything I do. Flowers or stuff indicates I have been stoopid, gave that up long time ago. My only salvation is I cook really good, and she would have to retrain someone else. Not worth the time


Been married almost 50 years. Really hard to suprise her anymore with anything I do. Flowers or stuff indicates I have been stoopid, gave that up long time ago. My only salvation is I cook really good, and she would have to retrain someone else. Not worth the time
Lol 😆 🤣 😂


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Yeah cooking, cleaning, fixing stuff go a long way.....

And she REALLY missed having her coffee ready the four days I was at FF'23!
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Do you think CAPTCHA works? Interesting article in USA Today:

Researchers: Bots better than humans at CAPTCHA tests

Eric Lagatta


The findings call into question whether CAPTCHA security measures are even worth the frustration they cause website users forced to crack the puzzles every day.

We’ve all been there: You click on a website and are immediately directed to respond to a series of puzzles requiring that you identify images of buses, bicycles and traffic lights before you can go any further.

For more than two decades, these so-called CAPTCHA tests have been deployed as a security mechanism, faithfully guarding the doors to many websites. The long acronym − it stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart − started out as a distorted series of letters and numbers that users had to transcribe to prove their humanity.

But throughout the years, evolving techniques to bypass the tests have required that CAPTCHAs themselves become more sophisticated to keep out potentially harmful bots that could scrape website content, create accounts and post fake comments or reviews.

Now perhaps more common are those pesky image verification puzzles. You know, the ones that prompt you to click on all the images that include things like bridges and trucks?

It’s a tedious process, but one crucial for websites to keep out bots and the hackers who want to bypass those protections. Or is it?

Study finds bots more adept than humans at solving CAPTCHA

A recent study found that not only are bots more accurate than humans in solving those infamous CAPTCHA tests designed to keep them out of websites, but they’re faster, too. The findings call into question whether CAPTCHA security measures are even worth the frustration they cause website users forced to crack the puzzles every day.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine recruited 1,400 people to take 10 CAPTCHA tests each on websites that use the puzzles, which they said account for 120 of the world’s 200 most popular websites.

The subjects were tested on how quickly and accurately they could solve various forms of the tests, such as image recognition, puzzle sliders and distorted text. Researchers then compared their successes with those of a number of bots coded with the purpose of beating CAPTCHA tests.

The study was published last month on arxiv, a free distribution service and repository of scholarly articles owned by Cornell University that have not yet been peer-reviewed.

'Automated bots pose a significant challenge for, and danger to, many website operators and providers,' the researchers wrote in the paper. 'Given this long-standing and still-ongoing arms race, it is critical to investigate how long it takes legitimate users to solve modern CAPTCHAs, and how they are perceived by those users.'

Findings: Bots solved tests nearly every time

According to the study’s findings, researchers found bots solved distorted-text CAPTCHA tests correctly just barely shy of 100% of the time. For comparison, we lowly humans achieved 50% to 84% accuracy.

Moreover, humans required up to 15 seconds to solve the challenges, while our robot overlords decoded the problems in less than a second.

The only exception was for Google’s image-based reCAPTCHA, where the average 18 seconds it took humans to bypass the test was just slightly longer than the bots’ time of 17.5 seconds. But bots could still solve them with 85% accuracy.

The conclusions, according to researchers, reflect the advances in computer vision and machine learning among artificial intelligence, as well as the proliferation of 'sweatshop-like operations where humans are paid to solve CAPTCHA,' they wrote.

Because CAPTCHA tests appear to be falling short of their goal of repelling bots, researchers are calling for innovative approaches to protect websites.

'We do know for sure that they are very much unloved. We didn’t have to do a study to come to that conclusion,' team lead Gene Tsudik of the University of California, Irvine told New Scientist. 'But people don’t know whether that effort, that colossal global effort that is invested into solving CAPTCHAs every day, every year, every month, whether that effort is actually worthwhile.'


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Back in the day pre gpt, it was worthwhile. Now not at all. Need something rather easy for human intelligence to solve that computer companies cant. Perhaps a random association?


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I get where you're coming from. While using ChatGPT on forums has some benefits, it can also raise concerns. Some people may use it for convenience or when they can't get answers from other users. However, it's important to remember that AI-generated content lacks the authenticity and personal experience that human responses offer. It can be seen as a shortcut, potentially reducing the quality of interactions on the forum. It's up to forum administrators and users to decide how they want to balance the use of AI-generated content with genuine human engagement to maintain the forum's community and authenticity.


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