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  1. StatiK RC

    California Island Flying - took me 12 hours of editing

    I bought my Phantom 3 pro on a trip to California just to prove to myself it still had some life left in it :p I do have a p4 but I didn't want to deal with the vision sensors on the boat. I'm also fairly new to the p4 even though I have been flying my p3 for over two years now. Anyways I just...
  2. Snarls

    DJI Releases Mavic Air

    Today DJI released their newest drone, the Mavic Air. It is smaller than the Mavic Pro and larger than the Spark, but apparently folds to smaller than the Spark. I guess we now know why the Mavic Pro was not just called the Mavic. Here are a couple features: -4K 30fps video at 100 Mbps -3...
  3. StatiK RC

    Whale Watching with Phantom = Awesome Footage

    This is possibly my favorite video I have shot, but it was ultra stressful to create. Thankfully the weather conditions in San Diego (near La Jolla) that day were as close to perfect as possible. The Whales in the video are grey (gray whatever) whales and the go south to mexico in the winter to...
  4. J

    Help! Mavic or Spark?

    I’m planning to get myself a more portable drone for Christmas. But I’m not sure to get Mavic or Spark. The only advantage I can get from Spark is the price point. It is almost half the price of Mavic. Price point is a big advantage for me. But I just can’t make decision myself. Can anyone give...
  5. D


    Hey all, I was looking around, and it didn't find a thread devoted to the new Zenmuse X7. So, I though I'd start one. DJI's newest and top notch camera. Here it is! Comment, discuss, argue, ask question. Everything Zenmuse X7. Zenmuse X7 Inspire 2 Compatibility Super 35 Sensor 6K CinemaDNG...
  6. J

    Repurpose DJI Phantom 3 Standard Controller

    I just discovered Flite Test and my son is excited about building and flying RC planes. He has a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It is possible to use Ph3 controller with another receiver for 3 or 4 channel flight on an FT Mini Tiny Trainer or Ft Explorer?
  7. D


    HI Guys, Recently got a Naza M lite Fc, please could anyone help me with the wiring and set up using the above units. Detailed pictures or step by step guide will be helpful. Am a total newbie. Thanks.
  8. DiveBombRC

    Cinematography-FeedBack wanted!

    Im doing professional cinematography and would love sugestions/comments on my work to improve faster. check out my latest video. any comments/likes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpJLwp71QuM
  9. A

    DJI Phantom 3 Forest Flying with Mountain Bikers

    Short video I put together from some DJI Phantom 3 standard flying at Dalby Forest, UK Hope you enjoy !
  10. D

    DJI Deals

    Hi all, I'm trying to get a DJI, but they're expensive! If you would like to support me please check out my website here. I get a commission if you buy something from DJI after clicking on something from the website. Thanks for the support! David
  11. D

    DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System

    Hi, DJI recently came out with the Snail Racing Propulsion System, and it looks pretty good. But, I am having trouble finding any info about it/reviews. I was just wondering what peoples' thoughts are on the motors. Has anyone actually used them on a quad? Click here to go to DJIs site and...
  12. A

    2 months with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I have now had a DJI Phantom 3 Standard for 2 months and although I'm no expert with it I have been loving it! This is a video I made out of the video I have gathered over the last 2 months, hope you enjoy. There are links to the full videos for some of the clips I used in this video in the...
  13. A

    Abandoned House - DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    Filming an abandoned house with a dji phantom 3 standard which I recently got and am absolutely loving! I would highly recommend it to and one looking to get some smooth aerial shots. Hope you enjoy!
  14. I

    F550 Naza M-lite jumps on gps and atti

    Hi Last week a upgraded my f550 form LibrePilot Revo to Naza M-lite and the atti and gps mode seams weard. Jumps sometimes, then stay perfect on the atti and next start to jups again couple of times. I record my flight so everyone can watch that and help me with that. Before i upgrade form...
  15. HighFlyingAerials

    FliteTest Fan in France

    So I'm an American living in France for almost a year. My wife is French and we moved here to be closer to her family. I needed something to keep myself busy so I got the Phantom 4K and I love it! This is just one of the videos I have made so far and one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it...
  16. A

    Cinematic phantom 3 standard video attempt

    Quick attempt at a cinematic ish video with my phantom 3 standard. Hope you enjoy! any tips for getting better video would be much appreciated (im very new to the whole aerial cinematography thing)
  17. N

    Mavic Pro shipping delays

    I pre-ordered the DJI Mavic Pro towards the end of October. Unfortunately DJI has had massive shipping delays due to the unforeseen overwhelming demand for the Mavic Pro. Needless to say, I've yet to receive mine. Has anyone received their's yet? If so, about when did you order it? (I've been...
  18. Andre

    DJI Phantom 4 - My Experience

    Well I took the plunge. After months of debate and discussion. I purchased a DJI Phantom 4. Initially I had been searching for a nice deal on a P3 Advanced but that never materialized. The price difference between the P3 Pro and P4 is small enough that I decided to just get the 4. I was...
  19. BOT Bob

    Its not a DJI Phantom i Promise XDXD

    i took my miniquad to the park for the first time today and had some fun flying around my friends playing basketball! here is the link to my youtube video!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtdDJBPbTe0 -
  20. L

    DJI S900

    Hey guys, I have for sale a DJI S900, full system with an A2 flight controller, iOSD Mark II, and a gimbal for a black magic pocket cinema camera. I'm selling because I no longer have a use for it. It was flown literally four times, so it is still in almost brand new condition. There is...