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I know you guys love bringing education of airplanes into real events and honoring good programs like schools and military. When I was younger my dad signed me and him up for the CAP "Civil Air Patrol". I didn't know what it was at first, but have come to really appreciate it now as an adult. Now with a son I know soon as he is of age I will be looking to get him involved as well. But the connection here is, the civil air patrol was created during WWII. They were all volunteer civilians aiding in war efforts the most notorious aide was patrolling the boarders and finding enemy submarines. During WW2 they only flew modified single prop planes and found 173 U-Boats and would drop bombs from the door or some modified to drop from the belly and ended up sinking 2 of them and attacking 57. They also helped with disaster relief and courier delivery for military.

The civil air patrol today is still pretty strong its still noted as an auxiliary to the air force. Kids from 12-18 can enter the program learn military dressing and educate. They are also going to learn about aviation and be able to experience one on one with some different military aircraft if avaliable. While I was a cadet in the CAP I aided in loading a Blackhawk AH-60 helicopter that was helping to fight forest fires in are area. They were all landing at our airport meadows field bakersfield CA. I also got to help with Edwards air force base air show by directing traffic in the parking lot. But by doing so got a exclusive pass into some great areas with military personnel at KEDW. One of the coolest things was we had a 2 day camping trip in the mountains and we were taken there from our airport in a military UH-1 huey helicopter they gave us all the option of door open or closed and I was strapped to the seat that faced out. So with door open only thing keeping me in when he banked was my seat belt looking down at the earth.

So connection here possibly another TF kit they used a variety of civilian aircraft now a days they use Cessna class aircraft and aide in search and rescue of desasier relief. But its something that can allow you to bring attention for kids to enter a field of aviation and air force training before they go into the military. I don't know if they still honor this but my understanding is if I went into the air force right now because of my background in the CAP I would enter in one rank higher than every one else. But its also great because like I said my dad got involved too. Adults are the CAP they our the instructors and the people.performing the CAP duties instructed by the air force.

So this is my thought on maybe a good way of getting kids into aviation. The CAP would probably love to incorporate your RC foam building in teaching aviation. There is mostly likely a CAP near you look it up and see what you think. Also give a good google search there is plenty of info on the CAP there.


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Great organization and I donated dollars to it. Then they turn it over to some professionals that get a percentage of what is donated for profit. I became uncomfortable with those who were calling and questioned if they really represented the CAP. I will support the CAP only if I clearly know that they are CAP.


Makes sense I never remember ever being in a position were we took donations at least I never noticed. Its non profit organization and most of its funds come from the government I believe I remember setting up a both at the fair for recruiting but never money.