Clear View

After getting off to a bumpy start in my flying career, I decided I needed more sim time and more realistic sims. I had been flying Charles River RC sim and Manuel's RC Flight Sim, I decided I needed something with better flight models, and a more realistic representation of control inputs. I had tried Clear View when I first started looking for sims, but it only had a 15 minute trial period, and for a $40 dollar price tag, I didn't feel it was enough to base my decision on. But after crashing $200 dollars worth of planes, several times, $40 looked like it might be worth it if it would help. I bought it, and found The SkySurfer in the model list. I loaded it up to fly, and it felt just like the one I crashed. So, I am going to call it money well spent, and spend a lot of time with it. I am already improving, so by the time I get my planes put back together, maybe I'll be able to fly them. At least if I can't, it won't be for lack of trying! The biggest con for this sim is it doesn't do Quads.
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