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Club racer wing

This is a wing I designed to get quad pilots in the air. Its super easy to build its got plenty of room in the cockpit. The CG is is the middle of the cockpit. It flies on 3s or 4s I have even tried it on 6s its fast but not super fast the thick KFM4 is draggy. It flies really smooth and locked in its a great first wing for FPV. My current setup is with a runcam split but I have used a non split cam and put a gopro session on it. It flew fine lugging the hd cam.
I am using a 2205 2450kv motor and a 30amp quad esc it flies ok on a 5040 3 blade on 3s I like a 6in 2 blade prop. Most of my flights are with a 3s 2200mah.
I discovered it flies much better but slower with the KF step doubled up. Some of the pics show it with a single layer step the later pics show it with double layers top and bottom.
I am using a separate 3s battery for my fpv Its not my usual way of setting up a FPV system but I didn't have PDB that would output clean power and the weight doesn't seem to be a problem the video feed is awesome on its own battery.
some video from the latest version with the split cam.