Columbus, Ohio


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Hi. Looking for people in Columbus that interested in indoor and outdoor flying.
I live on the west side ... Look forward to hearing from you.



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Hey, I'm north of Columbus and just getting into multirotors. Bought a Blade 180 QX as a 'trainer' to learn and goof off with while I research what I want to build first.

It's a bit cold, so I'm still doing indoor flying and getting the hang of the multirotor. Having a blast so far.

me too

I live about an hour north in Bucyrus and if you do multirotor, and could help me that would be great. I just got into multirotor and wanted to build my own and are having problems


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looks like we got some buckeyes here
I and my wife both fly and live in Lancaster
I am a 32 year vet in the hobby and willing to help others
pm me



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I am in Grandview and would like to find some folks to fly with. I'm "new again" to the hobby and just getting back into it after a long hiatus. Eventually I would like to get my old nitro plane in the air again, maybe join one of the local clubs, but it would be great to meet up for some electric park flying or indoor flying, too.



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I was a member of Licking County Radio Control Club for several years. Great bunch of guys. It's 35 miles from my house. Not very convenient.


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I'm north west side of CBus. I fly mostly in parks and at open sports fields.

There is a flying meetup on sunday mornings at Kenney Park, behind the LA Fitness at the Graceland shopping center (clintonville, i think?). 9am sundays. It's hosted by "Hobbyland" which is also in that shopping center.

They mostly fly electric trainers, micro foamies and quads. I sometimes take the rascal up because it's slow and stable but anything fast and big like a 3d plane is going to struggle with the size of the field. Also most is hand launch because the grass is too tall for take off). It's kid friendly, last weekend we had a bunch of neighborhood kid spectators.

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I live in Westerville, Ohio. I fly mostly at Genoa Middle school which has a very large field. My college age sons fly when they come home from OSU and when the weather cooperates. We fly FT models and some larger scale planes like a Cessna Carbon Z 1.5 and our Radian XL 2.9 Glider. I will like get my AMA ticket this year to fly at Dineen field on the south end of Alum Creek reservoir.