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Solved Community Releases Posting Privileges?


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I have plans I want to release to the community, and wanted to do so on the community releases sub forum. I see many members posting there who aren't necessarily mods or mentors, so how do I get permission? Is this just a buggy inconsistency, or is there somebody I have to talk to specifically to get permission? I will simply post on the plans forum for now, but I figured that since this is my own design that was developed with a lot of help and input from the community rather than some plan I dug up off another forum or archive, it belongs more specifically under community releases.
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Yeah same I noticed I couldn't post there. Maybe we need a certain number of 'likes' or some other arbitrary metric of our engagement on this forum. My work on the previous FT forum was somehow erased when they changed the web format and it kept calling me a new member after that 🤷‍♂️.


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I see no option to add a resource separate from starting a thread. I simply see a bar that tells me I have insufficient privileges.