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Computer monitor?

Hey guys,

I want to run all of my ground station off a rechargeable car battery, as it lasts longer and well i already have one. So I was thinking how could I run computer monitor on one? I have a 19 inch monitor that is not being used, and could be a good candidate for FPV flying, as it is big, and I could just pick a box up from work for a hood, or just throw a towel on my head. I seen people run them in cars for like video games ect, so i know it can be done.

I know I might need an power invert...I have a 4.5 inch screen in my car right now, ill try and see how that looks later on haha.

I am planning on using this for FPV: http://www.foxtechfpv.com/58g-400mw-vtxrc805-p-551.html

I hear foxtech is good, Ill pick up one of the hobbyking cameras to go with it....


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Does your 19" monitor have an internal or an external power supply? If an external power supply (a brick) then you are golden because they are almost always 12v. If internal, you will either need to use an inverter or you will need to open the monitor and trace the power through the power supply ultimately to where it supplies the 12v to the video controller.

The 4.5" monitor is a better candidate up front because it is already designed for 12v. It is a bit small, but others use that size and even smaller.


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I wanted to get a large LCD screen for my FPV groundstation, but I was not able to find monitors with both AV in and an external power supply for cheap. So I ended up buying a 7" TFT LCD screen off of ebay for like $40. Haven't flown with it yet.
This guy is hooked up! Video of his monitor Starts at 2:00.
Take that setup and stick it in the back of a truck like this, and get the bed to move with the TX. Life would be good!
I think I will make this a show suggestion.
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thats very impressive!! I have an internal power supply.
In that case, you're on your own. I'm willing to take my own life into my hands by modifying electronics, but I can't advise you to do the same.

I know that some of the FPV suppliers have 10" monitors that are ideal for FPV (no blue screen on signal loss, proper connectors, 12v input, etc.). But of course they run around $200 give or take. But it's better than electrocuting yourself.