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:confused: Quad disarming issues!


Build Crash, Repeat!!
Hi guys, help needed

I have an issue with my latest quad. It arms ok
Spins props for a couple seconds and then disarms and plays error tones then won't re-arm.

Video here

Omnibus f4 running betaflight 3.3
Speedix 40 amp 4in1 esc

This weirdly seems to only be an issue on 4s? 3s works fine

Any help much appreciated



Eternal Student
Does it do this when it's flying or just on the bench? The beep code makes me think it's a failsafe, which can happen if the Tx and Rx are too close together.


Build Crash, Repeat!!
Ok so i found out what was causing this issue. very school boy error!!

if anyone finds this thread with the same problems then you will need to check your wiring.
after good multimeter session i found that the esc was supplying more that 5v to the fc which was causing it to shut down or effectively forcing a boot loop.
this only happened with 4s as this must be above the threshold of over voltage that the fc could handle.
now there is a bec in between the fc and 4in1 and no more issues!!!!!!!