1. N

    5" FPV Drone keeps falling out of the sky

    Hey guys, So, I had a crash a couple of months ago and broke one of my arms. Now, I've waited for two months to finally get the replacement arm and fixed it. But now, when I tried to test fly it, the quad keeps falling out of the sky for no reason. The distance is always different, sometimes...
  2. Greystarr

    :confused: Quad disarming issues!

    Hi guys, help needed I have an issue with my latest quad. It arms ok Spins props for a couple seconds and then disarms and plays error tones then won't re-arm. Video here Omnibus f4 running betaflight 3.3 Speedix 40 amp 4in1 esc This weirdly seems to...
  3. M

    Graupner SUMD failsafe problem, Versacopter

    Hi all, I'm having a failsafe issue with my Versacopter V2, which otherwise is flying awesome and taking some serious abuse very well! :) After switching my receiver and flight controller board to SUMD from PWM, I can no longer get the failsafe on the radio/receiver to work. When powering off...
  4. K

    Wizard X220 betaflight 3.1.6 failsafe issue

    For some reason I can't get failsafe to kick in correctly. I've just flashed the latest betaflight and set it up per the Joshua Bardwell tutorial on YouTube. Instead of cutting out on TX loss, it seems to gradually spin up to full throttle. I'm using an FS-i6 TX with an FS-iA6 RX (all channels...
  5. C

    Naze32 stuck in failsafe

    Hey guys I need some help. My naze board has been stuck in failsafe and I have no clue how to fix it. In cleanflight I get a response from each of the channels under the receiver tab, which means I'm getting a signal but the naze is still in failsafe.
  6. F

    need to make a multi rotor to lift a weight of 6 kg

    hi folks i am newbie to multirotors, earlier i have made an 450mm quad with kk2.1 control board. Now for a college project i have to make a multirotor which can lift a weight of 6 kg , it should be autonomous ,fail safe and have flight time of upto 30 minutes. i need valuable suggestions on...
  7. hotbrass2005

    Naze32 with Taranis - Throttle Issue

    I have been working on building up a ZMR 250 and have everything put together and flying now, but I have an issue with the transmitter/receiver that's got me baffled. I set up everything in cleanflight and it seems to be working, but my Taranis is giving no response for the first 20% on the...
  8. S

    Fail Safe problems

    I was setting up a versa copter for my brother and he was using a Turnigy 9x receiver. I own one as well but I no longer trust it with anything other than a small foam plane after having a number of crashes due to interference. So I made sure that his failsafe worked properly and it did. The...
  9. Z

    Versa Copter Naze set up

    Ill Start by saying thank you flite test team for you naze set up vids i still reference the original vid from time to time. However while watching the versa copter naze set up i noticed that setting up the fail safe was neglected. I believe setting a fail safe throttle setting to prevent fly...
  10. N

    Can you flash the kk mini with kk2 firmware?

    I have a kk mini and would like to change the firmware to one with a failsafe. I couldn't find any firmware specifically for the kk mini. I am using the hk-t6A transmitter so I have no way of adding a failsafe with the radio Do you know if I can flash the kk2 firmware onto the kk mini, and if...
  11. N


    i was flying and my dear little miniquad went into failsafe... I managed to get it on camera. Note how the props stop, and then start up again and the quad drifts down.
  12. Y

    Bixler 2 Set-up for a newbie

    Hey guys first time post here :cool: So a while back I got myself a bonsai wing from HK and put it together and needless to say I crashed that bad boy straight into the ground. Obviously I had never flown before and got myself something cool looking and fast! :o #FAIL Now I have got myself a...
  13. W

    Failsafe Algorithm for Quads

    How long before we see some of this in a KK board or other.