1. T

    Betaflight No Stick Inputs

    Hey guys, I'm currently having a problem with my receiver. I have the iflight Evouge F5D Digital with a TBS Nano RX. (Crossfire) My radio is the TBS Tango 2 pro. The connection was no problem and all the AUX channels also work, but I have no sticks inputs. I feel like I've tried everything...
  2. H

    Help! Windows won't recognized flight controller. i have data cord,lights,dfu,drivers. nothing works

    Hey so i just started the fpv scene. I have a cinbot 30 i got from Facebook. I have connected the googles and elrs no problem. I put the switches to what i want. The issue occurred when i Went to betaflight to connect my FC F7 to beta for button binds. i cannot get the windows to recognized the...
  3. D

    FT EZ ID Betaflight Help

    I originally used the HGLRC GPS unit on my quad. Now that I am trying to use the FT EZ ID GPS, I am showing no GPS in Betaflight version 4.4.3. I have the GPS TX connected to the RX on UART 6 of my SpeedyBee FC. I have found two sets of instructions, one saying to use the MSP protocol and the...
  4. T

    Help! receiver bound but betaflight not receiving inputs

    i am using the OrangeRx 2.4Ghz DD16n Nano receiver and the betafpv Toothpick F405 2-4S AIO Brushless Flight Controller 20A (BLHELI_32) V4. the green light on my receiver is solid and my transmitter is responding to the receiver turning of but betaflight is receiving no inputs.
  5. N

    Help! Need help setting up a tricopter

    I was wondering if anyone here has experience making tricopters and knows how to set up the Matek f405-std flight controller on Betaflight. I've set up the motors and servos in this order: Right motor: S3 Left Motor: S4 Rear Motor: S1 Servo: S2 I think my first mistake is that the Servo should...
  6. R

    Help! I cannot flash an omnibusf4 board with betaflight. Help?

    At Flite Fest this year, I bought a kit for a quad from the Flite Test store. I can connect the board to betaflight where its gyroscopes function and other settings are readily and easily changed. I don't have a backup of the original board settings but I believe a buddy of mine whose computer...
  7. H

    Betaflight is not showing vtx tab

    Hello Mr./Mrs. Problem solver, I'm Harshvardhan recently i had built a race 5inch quad using OMNIBUS F4 V2 Pro ( )<distributor in my country I'm using eachine tx805 VTX (...
  8. S

    Solved SOLVED: Major (Roll) Oscillations when arming quadcopter

    I am fairly new to drone building and have been helped by my friend who has built drones before. I have built a fairly large drone which I want to use to film and coast, I don't intend to use it for racing of any type. I have also made some modifications in addition to the parts such as battery...
  9. GiantAntCowboy

    Solved Adjust VTX Power While Flying “How To”

    Last summer I figured out how to setup a transmitter switch in Betaflight to adjust VTX output power while flying. I find this very handy when flying and even when bench testing things. This doesn’t seem like a real popular topic, but some of you may find this “How To” helpful. If you have...
  10. GParr

    Motors won't move and receiver won't connect to flight controller.

    I have been trying to finish up my first quad build. I have wired everything up according to the speedy bee f7 manual and gotten the flight controller connected in Beta flight. I have been trying to setup my receiver and ESCs/motors. Receiver I have gotten the receiver to bind with my...
  11. C

    Help! Is my flight controller dead?

    So my Mamba F405 Mk2 flight controller won't connect to betaflight anymore. It was working fine the day before. When it is connected to my pc the flight controller has the correct LEDs lighting up as you would expect but then nothing happens. It's not even recognized in windows at all, as if it...
  12. J

    Help! Anybody Know How To Keep PWM Settings?

    So I was trying to program my flight controller in betaflight today and when I was trying to change the Receiver (in configuration) to PWM, I would hit save and reboot but when it rebooted it changed back to PPM. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  13. CustomRCMods

    Help! FT Gremlin/SPM4650 SRXL2 RX Help

    Hey guys - Just picked up a gremlin off @Grifflyer, looking for some assistance setting it up with my Spektrum SRXL2 Rx. It doesn't pop up in the protocol drop down in betaflight, and I cant get the RX to talk to the FC Properly. It is wired up correct and binds to my dx6 just fine. Im a veteran...
  14. M

    Newbie Communication Issues, Please Help.

    Ok my son and I are building a gremlin. Here is the situation. The receiver is bound to the transmitter but when we plug in to beta flight the receiver and flight controller seem to be connected as in if you move the FC board the animated drone in beta flight moves with it but the transmitter...
  15. B

    Adding servo to omnibus nano v6 flight controller

    Hello and thanks for looking into my problem! I have a quad all set up on my f4 flight controller with betaflight. However I would like to add two servos to controll the fpv camera. The flight controller has 3 spare uarts and I figured I could use one of these for pwm controll to the servo...
  16. C

    0s - no battery in Betaflight even when my battery is connected.

    I have this really weird problem where Betaflight doesn't seem to recognize that my battery is plugged in. I've tried 4 different batteries and I'm still getting the same problem. When I'm not connected via USB I can arm my motors and get them spinning with just the battery so I know I'm getting...
  17. D

    Help! Need help please!!!!!!!!

    I have a 6 inch alien frame with a kiss FC and 25 amp kiss ESCs. The issue I have is that I just recently flashed the kiss FC to betaflight, which was a little difficult but I was able to finally get it done but I'm afraid I borked the mcu in the process because now the blue light on the board...
  18. G

    FlySky BeeCore Airgineers drone issue

    I am building an Airgineers kit using the old green BeeCore FlySky controller and Betaflight. I have gone through all of the tutorials, and it seems to be configured correctly. When plugged in, with Betaflight, I can control all three axes with the transmitter. The board powers up when the...
  19. B

    Help using PPM with quadcopter

    Hi, So i am trying to use this flight controller, and connect it with this transmitter...
  20. A

    Use the gyro to control the ESCs in Betaflight

    Hi everyone, I am working on a free falling drone that could orient it self mid air using reaction wheels instead of propellers (this is my second post about it here) and I got some good advice to use a pre-made flight controller. So I just bought a Lumenier F4 AIO board with some ESCs and...