Control Throw Confusion


The information sheet that came with my Cub and Old Fogey say that the planes should have a "control surface throw" of 12 degrees. Yet the gauges that came with them have a “low” of 19 degrees and a “high” of 27 degrees. Which is correct?
Also, does "throw" mean the angle to one side of the rudder/wing/elevator, or is it the complete swing angle from right to left, or up to down?


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For a Speed Build Kit, I'd go with the throw gauge in the kit, if it included one.

Each gauge should measure the maximum throw off center (half the total travel), and is usually measured with the gauge at the hinge, held to the fixed side, and the surface at "full" deflection from the radio's command. You then adjust the radio to get the surface to gently touch the side of the gauge. the "how" will depend on your radio.

"Low" is for calm control, and "high" is for more aggressive control, once you're used to the plane and want to do more.