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converted pylon racer


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@Dazzy - I mostly use DTFB (Adams) - Uncle Bills stocks it ( I think they are an Aussy Company? I also use another one from the art supply shop but I don't know the brand (it has a card surface rather than a paper surface so is slightly stiffer and heavier) - all foam board flies in my experience! :)


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A bit more progress - yes I used my micro cable ties again, however this time I used a slightly beefier one given this ship is more of a beast - remember to ‘V’ the centre with a blunt chisel for the folding point.

Drilled the pilot holes and glued the cable ties into the flap side - added some blocks with CA to pack the wing side.

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Absolutely love it
All this time I’ve been buying hinges while I have a pile of zip ties on ma shel staring at me lol
Nice work, looking forward to maiden


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a small job to make up the charging rig for the battery - next, fit the pitot speed sensor and sort out the battery selection and CG - I glued washers under the wing from the previous CG setup so it should be a relatively simple task.