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Coreless motor performace

I am building a small quadcopter with coreless motors.

This one:

Speed: 50000 rpm
Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Rated current: 100mA

I think Hubsan X4 uses similar motors. So, i guess, i can get the lift.

But, not sure how much my whole project should weigh.
Did you pick out props yet? I built a quadcopter using that type of motor using the Hobbyking Micro MWC board with 55mm Props. I think that may be the same size as the Hubsan. I have a big 400mAh 1S battery on it and it could probably take more, maybe a 750mAh. I'll measure my AUW tonight if I get a chance. It is probably about the same as the Hubsan or a NanoQX, but like I said, these motors can lift quite a bit for their size.
Hoping to get 45mm props. Do you suggest 55mm?

Battery weight is a huge issue. I have already go the Turnigy 800mAh which itself weighs about 50g. I also stripped and hacked a PSP battery thinking it will weigh less. But, that 3600mAh psp battery came about 75g.

Please give me an weight estimate of yours.

And thank you very much for your reply. When I saw your message, I was like, phew! found someone who actually built it himself with coreless motors.