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corflute swappable planes

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Short answer, yes.
Long answer, yes but I think that you will have some weight issues.
A better Idea might be to build the smaller ones at about %150 of regular size.


More combat please...
Coroplast is heavier, not sure all of the swappable planes would do well with coroplast.
I fly corplast f22 that does well and Chad made a funbat of coroplast but I think he made it larger than the foam version.
So, yes, can be done on some of the planes at least.
Hi Paul I have started using correx or coreflutev 3mm and find it superior to foam board for lots reasons tough long life really cheap easy to work with
i have an article on Flite Test Correx prototype Gee Bee Sportster http://flitetest.com/articles/correx-prototype-gee-bee-sportster
i have just completed a design of my own based on the classic ugly stik as a guide called the combateer It is a hoot it has an extremely wide envelop from doodling around to ballistic combat plane 48 inch wing span will put an article up on it soon as i video it in flight
DSCN1528.JPG das-1.jpg
Looking forward to more of your posts on coro, I have some 4mm as well as 2mm on order and am going to try some builds.
Coroplast spitfire

I decided to try the Spitfire out of Coroplast because I think it's the smoothest fliers of all the swappables imho. I have finished up the fuselage and am moving onto the wing.

I will try to build a 2mm coroplast wing, if I don't have success with the wing I can put on a foam wing. I also have 4mm material but think it will cause a weight issue.

I Have flown the chipmunk , I prefer the spit. It was a lot easier to handle and more stable at slower speeds, im not into out flying my skills, im not as fast on the sticks as I used to be.:rolleyes:
Coroplast Spitfire

I finished up the build and am hoping to maiden this weekend, a bit on the heavy side but we shall see. If I am Happy with the results I will be painting and putting a clear canopy on.
First flight didn't go as planned, prop torque caused it to pull hard left and down from my hand launch.

I cut throttle right away but a short cartwheel snapped the prop, and I didn't have a spare with me.

That was the only damage, I believe my foam version would of had a bit more cosmetic damage along the wing and nose.

I also had to increase the battery from a 1600 mah on my foam to 2200 on the coro to get the cg correct.

Once home I replace the prop and went to a small field in my development. Remembering to compensate for the torque roll, I launched again and was thrilled as I got control and watched it climb out fairly level.

A few clicks of trim and it flew very similar to it's foam counterpart. It was not as fast but characteristics of the foamy were evident, no bad habits, no tip stall great slow speed control. I brought it in and had a smooth landing.

I don't like to fly my larger models at this field, on the small side, and I have been seen tree trimming and roaming a back yard or two looking for my ummm toys. :eek:
Nice model! There are small changes to be done when converting a model from one material to another, be it balsa to foam or from foam to coroplast/corflute. Sometimes the tail feathers are a bit heavier on a coro model so a slight nose extension can alleviate the need for an oversize battery.

That's not to take away from yours, she's a beaut! :D Just mentioning things for folks.

There are ready made spitfire and mustang plans over on spattothebone.org
Scroll down to the "scale" section. The corospit and corostang were for .25 size nitro but they will work well on brushless motors. You don't have to builsd them as tough as shown on the plans for sport flying. They were designed for combat after all. :)


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My spitfire wasnt made from Adams foam either. It was made from Kappa foam board 5mm thick and 10% bigger. Total weight 970 grams with camera on it :D But it flies like a charm.
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All finished dressing it up, I just have to have the weather cooperates to get some stick time on it. Seems each time im free, the winds are blowing 10 to 15 mph.

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