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Correct USB cord for Clear View flight simulator and Spektrum DX6i?

Hi Guys,

I'm new to RC and marginally computer literate. After pouring over the net, I still don't have a definitive answer to this question. I am going to use Clear View flight simulator and I have a Spektrum DX6i I want to interface with it. I will be using a computer with Windows 7. It meets all the requirements for the Clear view software

Can someone tell me WHAT is the correct USB cable and WHERE to purchase one? No Hobbyking, and I'm located in the USA. Something from a hobby store, Amazon, Or E-bay is fine, with an online US hobby store as my first choice.

Thanks in advance for any help.:)


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As nice as it is to use the same Tx for the simulator as in real life, spending a little bit more money on a Tx shaped USB controller is a good option too. Amazon sells a couple of them.


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Otherwise I have no idea which cable you need or what software (if any).


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I use this one with a DX6:

It works fine with clearview and heli-x but apparently only outputs 4 channels. This is perfectly fine most of the time, but I'm currently looking for a better option with 5+ channels for some heli features. You can still fly helis just fine if you want (I do a lot), but you can't use your tx switches for throttle hold or flight mode (idle up etc) and stuff like that.
I got it working recently:

I also have a DX6i and wanted to try some simulators. - turns out, it's pretty easy.

I purchased a cheap USB adaptor on ebay: "4in1 RC USB Flight Simulator Controls Cable Adaptor for FMS JR Futaba Dx6i DX7"
It comes with a few different adaptors for different transmitters, but the mono 3.5mm jack is the only one I need.

It was plug and play with Windows 7 - no drivers required. Just plug it in and be patient.
If you go to "View Devices and Printers" on your PC, you should see a new "SAILI Simulator --- XTR5.5+G2+FMS Controller"

I then launched ClearView, selected this new device instead of keyboard under "Controller Setup".

Works great. (I haven't got the buttons working yet, only 4 joystick controls.

There's a new feature in BetaFlight that does this same function in a more elegant fashion:
i would do this next time, but the ebay USB device is easier if you want less fiddling.