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Corroplast Kraken


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Awesome job! Sorry I missed this at FF!

Like my Kraken's eyes? Anybody ever have a bat kit as a kid? Whaky Kraky sounds fun! Psyched for FF19!
I LOVE THEM! and yes, I spent my childhood during the Pscho 70s! :ROFLMAO:
(although even as a kid the bloodshot eyes creaped me out a bit.)

In the end I met a charming teen named Aiden in my build tent who wrestled my Spectrum 7 to the floor and successfully got the variable set up installed.
THIS is why I love the Flite Test community!
Last year it was Eddie Black helping me with my Mustang!... You just can't put a price on experiences like that!

Next year we'll have to schedule a meetup and fly!