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Corsair f4u 150 houres to build it.. few seconds to breake it..

hi Guys

that was my first build.. a lot of love i put on this plane... but it didnt fly very well..hihihi

oh yeah it was also my first attempt to fly with rc.. :)


Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Anthemius, You should fix it and try again. .
You are a much better pilot now, and I see nothing that would prevent it from flying this time.
That is a really nice build as well.

Try it with about 2/3rds the elevator throw and 1/2 the aileron throw and see what happens!
I think it will fly great.


Thats unlucky Anthemius. That prop looks small for the plane, seems like you would need a bit more pull to get it flying. Good Luck on patching her up and giving it another try.

thank you Guys for your comments :)

i'll try maybe once again.. this plane is so beautiful. if he stay on my wall as decoration, i dont mind..but i really love to see him in the air. maybe later. for now i'm trying to get some fpv staf on my plane. not so easy as what i thought.
It's a nice looking plane. The aileron throw may be excessive. Also, a low speed roll should be countered with the rudder and a bit extra throttle.
I dont like warbirds a startup training type of plane..

Warbirds doesnt fly well, they arent really fun to fly until your a really good pilot.. I would even recomend the FT spitfire as a first plane..

All that said, I also believe that building is just as much fun sometimes as flying. So many people sees the 20sec as the planes life time.. But in actual fact, that plane was 150+ hours of fun..