E-flite 1.2m corsair landing gear issues solved


I own the Corsair that is from eflite and I’ve read multiple reviews on how since the gear rotates that the tubing on the inside bends while this was the case for me and I ended up having a $360 paperweight for 5ish months because one of the planes gears rod bent then the retract system had a piece of something stuck inside and jammed needless to say my planes left retract broke months later after the retract replacements had finally come off of backorder I sucked it up and payed the $80 dollars replaced the gear and the next day took it outside for another flight had a pretty rough landing (broke a prop) and the new gear stood strong whereas the older one still on the plane bent and was damaged (thank goodness for the second retract replacement) overall I say that you should get the replacement retracts if you have this plane because they are made out of a more durable material and will stand the tests of time
if you haven’t gotten this plane you should seriously consider it it is one of the best Warbirds i have flown it is an amazing plane it is stable and will let you slow it down to almost a stall on landing because of its split flaps because of the gull wing on the corsair most of the models have bad habits not this one it is a very forgiving plane.
sadly I haven’t been able to get it up in the air again because it has been ultra windy where I live in Wyoming hope the wind stops soon so I can enjoy flying this beauty again
anybody interested in this plane i have an attached file for its webpage https://www.horizonhobby.com/produc...basic-with-as3x-and-safe-select/EFL18550.html this is the BNF version there is also a PNP version
this is what the plane looks like


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