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Could We Have a Motor Thrust Data sticky?

I have been testing a variety of motor and prop combinations and recording the thrust and amp draw. I'm willing to bet i'm not the only one. The combined testing of this forum would be an invaluable resource of motor and prop data. I'd be happy to contribute my findings and would be interested to see others' results.

All tested with 3 cell battery

Turnigy 2826/6 2200 (orange)
Motor weight: 50 grams
Rated: 34 amp max
5x3 375 grams thrust 10 amp draw
5x4.5 estimated 535 grams 12 amps
7x5 950 grams 22 amps
8x4 slo 880 grams 20 amps cavitate

Turnigy 2730 1300 (dark red)
Motor weight: 30 grams
Rated: 7.5 amp max
10x4.7 slo 450 grams

Generic Orange 2212/6 2200 cheap eBay special
Motor weight: 55 grams
5x3 350 grams 9 amps
5x4.5 500 grams 11 amps
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