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The Great Motor Thrust Data Thread

If you are testing motor and prop combinations, please post your results here!

All tested with 3 cell battery

Turnigy 2826/6 2200 (orange)
Motor weight: 50 grams
Rated: 34 amp max
5x3: 375 grams thrust - 10 amp draw
5x4.5: estimated 535 grams - 12 amps
7x5: 950 grams - 22 amps
8x4 slo: 880 grams - 20 amps, cavitated

Turnigy 2730 1300 (dark red)
Motor weight: 30 grams
Rated: 7.5 amp max
10x4.7 slo: 450 grams

Generic Orange 2212/6 2200 cheap eBay special
Motor weight: 55 grams
5x3: 350 grams, 9 amps
5x4.5: 500 grams, 11 amps
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My values have been measured, they are not theoretical

NTM 2826 1200KV
Motor Weight: 57 grams
Rated: 17A Max
APC 7x5: (3s) 12a 550g
8x4.5: (3s) 18a 800g
Master Airscrew 8x4: (3s) 10a 600g, (4s) 15a, 900g

Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV
Motor Weight: 73 grams
Rated: 22A Max
APC 9x6 (3s) 19a 800g, (4s) 26a 1200g

Turnigy D3536/6 1250KV
Motor Weight: 102 grams
Rated: 34A Max
APC 9x6: (3s) 28a 1200g, (4s) 34a, 1400g
APC 8x8: (3s) 31a 800g, (4s)40a, 1000g
10x6: (3s) 32a 1450g
8x4.5: (3s) 23a 800g, (4s) 30a 1030g