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Credit Card compromised

Todd K

Junior Member
I put an order in last week to find out it could take 45 days? Anyway, my credit card company called me today to tell me my card has been compromised.... you guessed it Hobby King order. Never again. On my poop list now. Be careful.


Senior Member
use paypal next time. all I got to say. (credit card through paypal)

I use paypal for all my online ordering, and have never come accross any problems.

Todd K

Junior Member
Sorry 45 days doesn't have anything to do with the compromised card. Something hacked or stolen I guess.

It was with Credit card by way of Paypal.


How many letters do we ge
HK don't see the card details, they only see Paypal.

Sure your card details weren't stolen elsewhere?
How do you know it's Hobbyking? Seems a pretty serious accusation you make. Did you use Paypal? If so then I think a retraction could be in order.

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
It may not be HK at all....my card was hacked on xbox and someone was buying microsoft points for online gaming but when investigated it was nothing to do with xbox or microsoft and i got the money back

Todd K

Junior Member
... True. My card company pinpointed the transaction and it happened somewhere between HobbyKing and Paypal. I have never had an issue with Paypal before. IF IT ISN'T HOBBYKING I APOLOGIZE. Would you make a transaction again with them if it happened once?...I don't know...


Rotor Riot!
If you prefer going through a hassle for the sake of CC security, you could get a debit card, to which you only transfer as much as you're going to spend. So if your card gets compromised, they can't steal more than you've transferred into it.
Down side to Debit, it is your money and hard to get back. Credit card is there money and they are more involved to get it back. Should never use a Debit on-line in my opinion and experiance. Was my Debit that was compromised. Lots more uncertain on getting funds returned then with credit card.

The good news is most have good checks and the bad transactions are caught most times, very quick. What got me was one company was notified before product was shipped, by there own words, yet later they decided to keep the money and make me get it back from the card company. Crooks.


Flying Derp
Yep, debit cards stink for online ordering. My Visa debit card thru my bank only gives you 24 hrs to dispute a charge...IT TAKES LONGER THAN THAT FOR IT TO SHOW UP ON MY ACCOUNT!!!!! sheesh!!!

I now only use my AMEX for online ordering...all I have to do is call them up and dispute a charge and I get an automatic credit to my account.
Sorry to hear this... I have done A LOT of business with HK. They are lacking in a lot of areas, but they are not credit card thieves. I would suspect someone tagged your paypal account. One thing that I would do is to do a good virus scan and Spyware check. You could have picked up a key logger and sending everything you do to the hacker. As for being in a store, I never let the card out of my site, and never allow someone to hold the card with more than one hand. I very rarely even hand it to the clerk, just show it to them for viewing, not handling. Good luck on getting this thing resolved.
I use paypal for all my ordering, never had a problem....HobbyKing has the easiest and most user-friendly order system in my opinion....and it usually takes just 1-2 weeks for me to get my stuff

Oh, well... I guess debit card would be last option as they're easier to get for minors like I was.
+1 XD I got a debit card like a year ago....only used it once though XD
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