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New to flying. Kids wanted to fly, so got them some cheap Amazon planes. Surprised how well they've lasted the last week hitting trees and the roof in the backyard (other than the props). Found Flite Test through the very old Beginner Series with Josh & Josh - those were great with great chemistry - watching the "documentary" never would have guessed they were "arranged talent". Very nice to see the history of how all this started and became this. Great job Josh and team!

We found a local club/field, and had to join AMA to join that, but got all that buttoned up and headed over on Saturday for an awesome day of flying. They were very accommodating... once we got the kids signed up for AMA as well that is. Kids all loved it though, so sounds like we'll be adding a new hobby to the list.

Ordered and received (FT Shop is fast!) an FT Simple Cub MKR2 and some spare Makerfoam boards (though thinking might just want to order extra speed build kits as that looks a lot easier). Hopefully building that this afternoon or later this week. If it goes well, would like to get each kid a FT Mighty Mini Tutor Starter Bundle. Have heard the smaller planes are "harder" to fly especially in wind, but sub-250g opens up the high school parking lot which is a LOT closer at 2-minutes than the airfield at 20-minutes.

Nice to meet everyone.


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I just got into the hobby with my two boys a little over a year ago. It’s been great! Some days the boys aren’t as into it as I am and other days they’re dragging me down to the basement to work on planes with them. I go with the flow and they keep getting more and more into it. They’re both pretty good pilots now. Last June I took them both to FliteFest and it was one of the best father/son times we’ve ever had. Welcome to the hobby and I hope your experiences are as good as we had!