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Current Project

Part way through my next build. A BAE Hawk, Red Arrow made from Depron. It is designed for a mid mount motor but I have changed it to a rear mount. If you are interested in the plans follow the link. A mate of mine has a few planes and more coming a F16 next check him out. And if you can donate a few dollars so he can keep developing more planes.



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Thanks Guys, Tried to maiden the other day was not good rolled over trying to launch by myself and caused a little damage. But is ready to rock again but now weather is bad so waiting. Will get a vid up as soon as she's in the air.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey sukhoi69!

Your project is awesome!!! Like the way it is set up and the look of course!

Good job. Too bad you crashed it but at least it is ready to fire up like a rocket again!