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Cutting Materials for Multi-Rotor Frames


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Hi Chaps
I wanted to know how you guys cut the materials you use when building multi-rotor platforms.
thought this help and and be an interesting discussion at the same time.
Also any finishing techniques would also be handy.

I wanted to have this discussion because I am having interesting results with my limited hand tools i have and wanted to know the right way to go if I need to invest in some more tools :)

let the fun begin :)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Well, you´ll definitely need some tools, as clear as that.

I guess by your hangar that you already have them but I´ll just list the bigger ones.
A soldering iron (? no clue how to write that)
and something like a dremel. (I just the machine of my mum she used while studying medicine) or a CNC of course.
I do recommend trying to cut out the shape you want to make your frame out of very carefully out of paper and just with 2 pieces of clear tape attach that paper to the material. The when you start cutting the frame out, best thing to have for your dremel is a disk to be able to cut nice and straight lines, just cut out as far as you can and then attach two further pieces of tape but at places where you already cut the frame, then just keep cutting through the first two pieces of clear tape so you won´t move the piece of paper and your frame has the exact look.
That is probably the most important thing. Other then that everything else is pretty much straight forward. I am not going to explain how to do (or undo, which is something I learned to do regularly when you want to same many zip ties) zip ties. Hope that makes a good start.


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I was thinking of more power tools or hand tools for better cuts?
I have a lot of tools . But I am a man which means I can always have more
Was thinking of a band saw scroll saw drill press or even laser cutter CBC machine


Rotor Riot!
I was thinking of more power tools or hand tools for better cuts?
With a laser cutter the cuts will be extremely cleaner. But other than that, it all depends on your skill. You could be excellent at using hand tools but suck at using power tools. Or you could be an expert at using power tools and suck at hand tools. Since I only have hand tools available, I'll just use that.


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I ordered the Derlin kit from fpvmanuals.com and it is laser cut and it is very clean cut. I ordered cause of that reason, i know i couldn't do anywhere near the quality that it is made