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D.L. Engineering Design Plans

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Hi. I am Darius from D.L. Engineering (www.dle-tech.info). I would like to give a brief introduction of D.L. Engineering to the community. DLE has a great enthusiasm about flight in model aviation and committed in building model aviation from scratch. DLE has designed and tested a variety of prototypes which are constructed each to serve a different particular purpose and mission.

I would also like to introduce the Design Plans which are provided by D.L. Engineering. Some Design Plans are available for free in order to share the passion and experience of model aviation with the community. Some have a price on them to support the website operational cost and of course for the timeless development of the Design Plans.

Here are some examples of the model: (http://dle-tech.info/design-plans/)

Final Assembly Rev0FS.jpg

DLE-TR01-01 [ The Sport Trainer ]
A high-wing sport trainer with the capability to carry basic FPV gear.

Final Assembly Rev1FS.jpg

DLE-GL02-00 [ The Glider ]
A glider with high aspect ratio for soaring with the wing and rising thermal.

Final Assembly XT47 Rev1S.jpg

DLE-XT47-00 [ The Black Diamond ]
A tetrahedral wing based on the U.S UCAV X-47B.

Thanks for the support. Cheers!

D.L. Engineering

AG Pro

The Sky is Home
Few days ago, the download link of the Free Plans experienced some minor technical issue. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

However, the system has been restored normally now. Please feel free to try :). Thank you for your support. Cheers!