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Dead wrong


Rotor Riot!
That's scary, wrong, and disgusting at the same time, and it's even kind of cool... Guess it has the ability to scare the **** out of some people!


How many letters do we ge
This is disturbing on MULTIple levels. [/URL]
One of those levels would be your corny jokes.

< In case anyone thinks I have it in for lobstermash, we're mates. Down here in Australia you show you're friendship by sledging your mates at every opportunity. It's just what we do. >

Back to topic - I so want one! I'll terrorise the dogs over the back fence until they are at the vet's for therapy!

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
That needs a loud speaker to meow loudly as you fly around the neighborhood. Fly over sandbox's and drop "bombs".

Honestly, the ultimate video would be to chase birds with it. Totally mess with the birds minds. Hover it around birdhouses.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Now, That's Funny right there! :cool: The look on the cats face is priceless. :D

I don't see an issue since FliteTest used a dead turkey to pilot an aircraft.

I have seen "Sail Cats" my entire life but I have never seen one in the air. A birds worst nightmare.

My cows ignore my flying machines but those cows seemed mighty spooked by that cat.

Hey, wait a minute, I have some "dead cows" and several old scooter motors and controllers on hand! :rolleyes: Right about now someone is thinking I am an "udder" mess! :p

I will never view "roadkill" the same again! ;)

A 2 snake "HotLiner"! Well possibly 3, I will need a tail section (with a rattle perhaps).:D

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