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Devastator Build

Still working on the rear fairing, blending the wing trailing edge root to the fuse... The wing was a bit tricky to fold over, but it is now pretty rock solid.
I've peeled back the foam board paper, so I can bend the foam board to make the curved sheeting, and reattached printer paper with 3m 77 spray adhesive, coated with spray paint from ace hardware.
Looks like the Old Man Approves. Decals printed on 8.5" by 11" sticker printer paper at the local Kinkos, Decals found on Pinterest page. Panel lines were trim cote (monokote with a sticker back) The Trailing edge Root Fairings took the longest to sculpt out of the foam board I had. It was a pain. I'm glad she is finally done. 9 gram servos were used, 60Amp ESC, Some 4S Hacker Motor My friend gave me that went in a Tower Hobbies Uproar that crashed 2 years ago.. 10 inch prop?